Ruth has a long history in English heritage and fine art. A decsendent of Sir Rafe Sadler - advisor to King Henry VIII, and cousin relation of Baronet and English Romantic Poet Sir Percy Byshhe Shelley, she was born into a Georgian townhouse in Derbyshire, England. Her grandfather was an business owner, pilot and sailor with a taste for fine art and beautiful cars who taught Ruth classical portrait painting. Her family were nearly all musicians and skilled craftsmen and women. Her personal work shows a collaboration with her brother, a blacksmith who runs a forge from the family home in Derbyshire. During her studies, she lived in a bohemian commune with intellectuals, artists, musicians and philosophers known as 'The Mansion'. This unusual social influence infuses Ruth's personal work with a sense of rhythm, poetry, beauty, and an interest in heritage and craftmanship. Ruth's appreciation of fashion came after graduating from an MA in Fine Art, and she now works as a photographer and image maker in West Yorkshire.

'Hulland House' - where Ruth was born and spent her childhood. Her father restored antiques from the house and ran an antiques shop  here. Historically was built as a family home by a surgeon in the 1700's with horse stables, wedding hall and ballroom to the rear.

'The Mansion' - where Ruth spent her youth -  a libertarian bohemian commune of concert musicians, philosophers, art collectors and artists. Dr. Samuel Johnson used to frequent the house in the 1700's visiting Dr. John Taylor - a house full of atmosphere and mystery.

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