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Visual Consultancy & Creative Direction:

If you feel your business could be communicating more effectively, needs to find its point of fascination that enables your message to be readily shared, is in need of creative strategy or is even just at a stage where better imagery is required, Ruth can help. Ruth is an expert in visual communication strategy and imaging and will assist your business to flourish in the marketplace, communicate in a visually powerful way with a tailored communication strategy to reach the right audience and produce tangible, effective results.

One-to-One Photography Coaching & Portfolio Reviews:

As a university lecturer, Ruth is passionate about helping individuals realize their creative potential. Whether you're wanting to fine tune your natural talent and skills into a unique niche, or tailor your visual language to work with bigger clients and reach a wider audience, a to-one consultation will critique your business, uncover what's holding you back, help you find your natural passion and uncover your strengths. Ruth will help you take your career to the next level. 

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